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So, I went and checked 360v last night just to see if the site was still alive. I went to the forums and noticed that there were a few new threads. I went and clicked on them and surprise surprise they are just spam bots. When I saw that I was just struck with sadness. 360v is too good of a website to allow spam bots to flood the forums there. It makes me sick that Live Gamer won't do anything about it. All Live gamer did was obtain 360v and mounted it on a wall just so that it can collect dust. Hopefully, someone could purchase 360v back and give it a make over or at least give it a proper death instead of just letting it rot away. Unfortunately I am afraid that will never happen.
360voice is dead, the burial is just pending
I think that the point he's trying to make is that letting these spambots keep posting on the site, which is obviously long dead, is like letting black market salesman pick at and harvest from the corpse before giving it a proper burial. Or at least, that's the politest, most "all ages" way that I can say how I take his point.

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Well Live Gamer needs to hurry up with the burial planning. They shouldn't let it just rot away like that.
Well, since no one was giving it any attention before it died, no reason to start now...

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