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I like many of the community users here have multiple profiles through the wonderful land we call the internet for personal use wether they be for gaming exclusively or just old definitional set an forget accounts for something to try, we have all found certain of these sites and frequent what we like best to that I was (I'll get to that in minute) a member of raptr. If you'er not familiar with it was/is a stat tracking site for all platforms of the new "connected" age, they even tracked time spent on games which helped me out on some time specific achievements, it was simple sign up, link your account, BAM! Allas this was not meant to be so easy though as after a few months they changed the way they tracked games, specifically the home gaming console, Now we as used had to download an app on our PC and as long as we were logged into said app we could have all our gaming stats tracked and if not you were out of luck. Well it seems they are changing yet again which could mean good things for membership here at GTN. I you currently use or once used raptr and you have friends or here the moans in the forums then maybe you could lend a helping hand and get yourself a badge in the process. You could let your friends and or the Xbox community over there know of GTN if they are looking for a new place to track their Xbox needs. Though don't be too heavy handed about it, meaning no outright spamming, I'm not condoning that in anyway. You may just mention GTN to to your friends or in threads if the subject comes up.

I'm not being selfish here or trying to subvert them in anyway either. I honestly used to like the site, before the transition of the PC app. Since then I have not used it, but maybe there are others here who still do and know of what I'm talking about. Well here, why don't you read this letter I received from them and then you be the judge.

This is the email I received:

When Raptr started out, we offered Steam and XBL achievements and PSN trophy tracking, PC/Xbox 360 gameplay tracking, plus unified buddy lists and chat. As Raptr grew, we realized there was a big demand for features that improved the PC gaming experience, such as game optimizations, easy Twitch streaming, and lightweight video capture.

But on the console side, you may have noticed some features stopped updating, as changes to Xbox Live and PSN would repeatedly break our system.

We believe our mission is to make PC gaming fun and effortless, and therefore we've decided to focus our resources on PC gaming exclusively. We will retire all remaining console support in the near future. For additional details, see our FAQ.

Your console-related information is still available on Xbox Live and PSN, and for those looking for a unified tracking solution, we recommend Playfire.

We'd like to thank console gamers for using Raptr, and we hope you'll check out our PC gaming features and stick around!

-Team Raptr
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I could see that coming a mile away.

At least they're finally coming out and admitting they're dropping the support, so I can go ahead and deactivate my account.

I couldn't care less about the other stuff they're trying to do for PC.
I'm with Dale, I tried the service and I never liked it. Good luck to them, I don't hate Raptr or anything, but it just never fit a need I have.
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Once they made it mandatory to install the PC app in order to keep tabs on your gameplay I pretty much stopped paying attention to Raptr. Now I have a real excuse to close my account (well, I've had an excuse, I guess, but never bothered).

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I got that email a few days ago, I'm glad I went and deactivated my account on Raptr. I never really liked Raptr to begin with especially when they would stop tracking your achievements because you didn't log in for a while. Then after they changed it to where you pretty much need the Desktop app in order to see your secret achievements I just stopped caring. TA, GTN and TT are all that I need.
Cant believe they are recommending a competitor's site for tour tracking need! I gave up on Playfire back when they revamped the site andswitched to needing a client to track. Also, Gamertagnation and Trueachievements are the better Xbox tracking and stat sites, not Playfire.

I'm going to delete my Raptr profile, done with them!
Oh well... It was a garbage site to begin with when it came to console game tracking. Nothing really lost here.
They must be joking with the suggestion to go to playfire. That site is nearly as worthless as they are. As of the last time I bothered to log in and run their client, I am 1167% done with the trophies for Dying Light, according to their calculation. I recently completed all achievements for Dead Space and playfire for some reason won't scan in the the final one so it's stuck at 98%. Halo Master Chief Collection achievement descriptions are in German and Another World's are in Italian. Plus every time Steam temporarily adds games to my library so I can try them out for a weekend, playfire adds it permanently to my list of games.
I had already deleted all my console games off of my raptr; guess I'll go and deactivate now that they've made it official.

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