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Which will you be buying?

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 8 (29.63%) ReCore

× 4 (14.81%) For Honor

× 12 (44.44%) Tom Clancy's The Division

× 1 (3.70%) Gigantic

× 16 (59.26%) Mad Max

× 2 (7.41%) Battlecry

× 7 (25.93%) Sea of Thieves

× 5 (18.52%) Battleborn

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  • 27 votes
  • Multiple choice enabled
...and the last poll is for all the new ideas / IPs (Which are few). Which will you be getting?
ReCore: This looks like a great game and better take on Knack

For Honor: this looks really boring

Tom Clancy's The Division: this game still looks dull

Gigantic: Eh

Mad Max: Really think this will be great

Battlecry: Eh

Sea of Thieves: MMO style eh

Battleborn: eh
You forgot the option for none
Originally Posted by LordChabelo13
Ops, I guess I thought everyone would be pick at least one game.
07-01-2015 03:34 PM StaffPremium
How about No Man's Sky... Not really New IP if it's been shown a billion times? Horizon looks interesting too, even if it won't come to "our" platform.
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Probably none but picked Clancy since it was the most likely option if I were to choose one.
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Well if it has a retail disc, I'll eventually want them all, fee to pay...er play I'll even grab l, but I won't promise I'll complete them. The Division is looking good.. that's about the only one I realm have seen a lot of gameplay for at this time.
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