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I don't get it...
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I don't get it...
Originally Posted by Preludecris
I am guessing that vS Moist is a gamertag and this person suspects they were hacking and would like for us to report them on xbox. Live in Texas? Here is the leaderboard for you!
Well let me first say I appreciate anyone bringing to our attention any problems that GTN has in anyway and although GTN does not condone cheating or hacking of any sorts, there is almost nothing GTN can do about it. This is an issue that GTN is aware of and as for the time being will not do anything about as it is still something that is under discussion. GTN is not responsible for reporting any gamer tag unless it a blatant and vicious threat by nature and can be construed as criminal. Hacking, although frowned upon is not something GTN has the resources to determine. GTN is not judgmental in this fashion as it effects very little on the site. I would also be careful at whom you accuse of what without evidence and documentation to back it up. It may also hold a little more weight if you had more than one singular post and this can be construed as harassment and abuse in the forums.

I know this is not the answer you may have wanted but its is what it is for the time being. My personal feelings are not in question here and if some one has to cheat or hack to make their gamer score inflated that's entirely up to them and goes to show their nature.

If you still feel the need to report someone please do so in a less public manner, as it will stop potential backlash and less than civil comments. You can contact a Staff member or simply report a post by using the "report post" option.

GTN has the right to move, remove or lock threads, which is exactly what I will be doing to this thread. As stated if you have any other issues, questions or concerns, please contact me or any other staff member by PM.

Thank you.
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