How often do you listen to music?

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What are your source/s of music?

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× 13 (38.24%) Youtube

× 9 (26.47%) iTunes

× 12 (35.29%) Pandora

× 5 (14.71%) Iheart

× 16 (47.06%) Radio

× 6 (17.65%) XM/Sirius

× 3 (8.82%) Soundcloud

× 17 (50.00%) Other

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Actually. I am being very serious. Music in entertainment is so structured and planned and integral to the experience.
Originally Posted by futiles
Well In case I didn't make myself clear I listen to music (Rock, Metal, Non video game scores, whatever) as much as possible... on whatever means is possible at the time.. When I play video games I listen to whatever music the video game has in it, unless it is so god awfully bad and or repetitive, then yes, I would mute the video game music and just go with the sound effects. This of course is not all encompassing of of my day as sometimes I listen to music in the tv shows I watch or the commercials that accompany said tv shows, unless I fast forward thru or just skip said commercials. I also listen to music in and around my environment example when I go to events or in stores or that other persons car that they feel the need to let everyone listen to their music.. And sometimes I don't listen to music at all, Like when work demands I listen to something else or there is no radio or when I'm asleep.
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What a jerk! Then again, Fsh is one of the few people that type my gt correctly so I shouldn't be too mean Smile
Originally Posted by pTartTX
It's all good... I do your tag right? That might have been an accident.
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Only when I am either working or doing prep for work
When will the bass drop

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