Yeah i live with my parents,SO WHAT??!!!

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And I guess I have my little immaturities, too...I hope I can manage to hang on to them.
Indeedly? Ha! That makes me grin. : P

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alcohol is bad for ur health Smile
Yes. Yes it is. but Red Wine is good for your heart.

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Stop kidding yourselves; just admit you're a pair of geeks. ;D
Never! How could I look at myself in the mirror after admitting that! (I already have enough trouble looking at myself as it is... : P)

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I'm most likely moving (back) out on my own in March, April or May this year. I cannot tell you guys how much money you'll save if you live with your parents for a few months. I miss my Rock Band and Guitar Hero sessions though.
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If I could move back with my folks, I would but considering the 2 year old of mine and my marriage; I doubt that would ever happen lol. The money I could save is daunting though.
That's fair enough, mate... lol...

Having a kid is wonderful!

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I'm about to move out...less than a week from now. BACK TO SAN FRAN LADIES AND GENTS!
I never have an issue with people who live with there parents through the collage years and even the first couple years of work. It is tough to find that right person to share a place with that you trust or go it on your own. I had a few friendships end do to living with someone that is a slob or worse just a dead beat. Move out when your ready.

On the drinking side I say stay away but this is coming from someone that was out of control... 19 years of sobriety has given me a different outlook on this subject.
I think its seen as not living your life independently or something.
I think it is becomming less frowned upon, though

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