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i'm good at making the most delicious rice in my whole family

and yeah they can cook REALLY good

also i'm very good at listening to people and giving them advices Big Grin

what about u?
Research and cooking.

I wanted to be a chef for a very long time, but the money for culinary school is ridiculous, and I make more money now than I would after school...how the fark will I pay off a $50,000+ loan on $10/hour?

However, if I get a job with the state department, I can do research for the rest of my life, travel, meet amazing people (like the Kennedys) and make six-figures. Plus, I find foreign policy/military fascinating.
A foreign policy chef?

Hehe! That sounds fun!

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yeah strange but fun lol
let me put it this way: i can't think of anything i'm not good at. Wink

i find that awfully hard to believe lol
let me put it this way: i can't think of anything i'm not good at. Wink
Originally Posted by Obsidian Tides
you gifted son of a bitch!
superiority always garners the same reaction. =/
Fair enough OT, I'll accept that for now... : P

Me.... I'm good at cooking I suppose, and squash. Lovely sport.

I'm also good at martial arts, but I can't spar like I'm serious. Learning KM CQC makes it impossible to spar, as you're not allowed to dismember your sparring partner.

And not to mention Gaming. My edge is reaction and Patience. I remember spending 4 hours patientely retrategising just to get past one bit in an game some years back. I really wish I could remember which game, but it felt so good after!

I can write well too. In the midst of my novel ,actually.

I hate admitting I'm good at stuff, but occasionally experts say you have to declare your positive points, or you'll go downhill. So, here I am... o_O

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yeah the novel thing again -_-
Hey, a novel is something to be proud of. I have no creative writing ability whatsoever. I'm a very technical and literal writer myself--research, reviews, etc. I wish I could even come up with an interesting concept for a novel...but it seems like everything I think of has either already been written or has been made into a movie in some form or another.
im good at playing my 360
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that's.......................um...........good O_o
I'm so tempted to abuse my staff powers and edit that post to "I'm good at playing with myself".

Oh well.

And Mumbo. *pokes* yes. I also mentioned it on FFR, I know, so bear with it... haha!

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