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Let's put it simply: Tell us what you're doing like right now.

I'm sitting up here at work with just one more hour left. After that, I'm free! But knowing me, I'll probably spend that time not doing what to do. Smile
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Right now, I'm just goddamn giddy. Trying to relax enough to be able to get to bed, but I just got news that I was accepted for an internship with the State Department. KA-POW! I've been wanting this for a year now.
doing some boring research for my college
i realised that I hadn't played Crysis in a while ...or Rainbow Six and that I haven't watched American Dad in ages so I've been playing/watching those and enjoying my time off uni.
England is my city
We must watch American Dad together sometime... what do you say, man?

as for me, I'm just checking my sites for mails and stuff. Then I'm off to study.

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studying for a stupid french test!

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