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Do you know somone who has died in war?

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× 1 (2.86%) Yes, a family member.

× 6 (17.14%) Yes, a friend.

× 26 (74.29%) No, not personally.

× 2 (5.71%) Fuck war, I just want to vote in a poll.

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Memorial Day. It's not about barbecues and beer and celebraton; it's not about sales and specials; it's not about rest and relaxation or a 3 day weekend. Memorial Day is reserved for pause and reverance, deep introspective thought about those who sacrificed all. Some of you may not have been directly affected, by not knowing or interacting with anyone who served and died. You should show the same honoring respect to the fallen as others who have been directly affected do.

Those of us who have felt loss firsthand, deep within our bosoms, know the that one day a year is insufficient to honor our friends, family, and heroes who left us serving our country. Please,no matter how it may or may not affect you, take a few moments and consider all the blessings and joys you have in your lives, and recognize that you would not have them if our nation's proud warriors of freedom refused to take a stand against the great evils of the world.

For me, I remember SGT Green, CPL Edgin, CPL Griner, and PFC Cole from 2-87 INF BN who passed during their service in Afghanistan during OEF VI I 10 years ago, on a daily basis. They were my friends and battle buddies, servicing with the rest of the battalion, who also remembers them as friends and battles.

Remember the fallen. Respect their deaths and sacrifices. Respect their families and their pain and loss. Don't celebrate for selfish reasons. Respectfully honor all today.
I have several family members that have served since WWII (I haven't looked into past family members yet, but that might be interesting). The only one to die during service that I am currently aware of was my Great Uncle Eugene (my paternal grandfather's brother) who was shot down in WWII. My cousin (on my father's side) has come close more than once as part of a K-9 bomb disposal unit.

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My family has served in the US Military for as long as I can remember, my grandfathers, uncles, cousins and brothers.. I have been fortunate enough to never have known this loss. My condolence to you my dear friends and there family who have has to endure this.
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I have not known a loss as you and many others have. I have had family and friends who have served and I am very great full to all who have.

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