Fast Food Ads vs. Reality

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Warning: If you're hungry or have the munchies, you're going to hate this article due to the graphic food content. Unfortunately for you, food cannot be downloaded. Sorry.

This website decided to purchase and take home several advertised fast food items and line them up next to the advertisement. We may have all known about the differences between advertisements and reality, but isn't this just sad? When have you seen an advertisement for some fast food item and thought about rushing out to buy it that very second? Needless to say, the ads do their job a little too well.

Onward to the article matey.
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This.... may have just ruined my morning, Bud...

It's cool though. I have cup noodles. They always look AND taste badass.

So I'm cool wid it.

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hardly ever get fast food....and if i do its from a supermarket and the picyured do look like the end result.
England is my city
Yeah... like thos pizzas we always pick up when we're at your house for a gamin session.


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Worse than this, has anyone here been deceived by the frozen aisle? I remember picking up some pre-made dinners a few years ago and the results were very different than the delicious meal pictured on the box. I may not be the best cook but I don't mess around when it comes to frozen dinners. Big Grin
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