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Stuck up here at work again and wondered: Who is going to school? Anyone in college/high school or graduated? Where do/did you go?

I'll be starting my first semester of vocational school this summer. Been living on my own and managing two different jobs once I graduated high school but I can finally admit: I need to better myself. I'll be majoring in web development at a community college that my girlfriend goes to.

Now it's your turn, world. :geek:
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Haha. I'm doing Hotel Management at Glion, Institute of Higher Education. It's a Bachelor's degree. I wanted to try the industry out, and I wondered where I should do it. Glion is joint first in terms of being "The best Hotel school in the world", and so I decided to apply there. And here I am, in my third semester.

I should be badass by the time I finish. I'm really looking forward to making it big in the business.

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One is in college at the moment, taking Drama, Maths, English Lit and Media. All for AS o' course.

College is fun and all, but its quite tiring...
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Im studying Creative Writing in a uni where the whole Creative Writing department is a mythological being seeing as its impossible to get a response from them by email or in person about when deadlines and critical meetings are that involve choosing courses for final year. It's a good thing I work ahead or I'd be screwed.
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Nice one, Simon.

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in my 2nd year in commerce

studying:Accounting,Marketing,Management Information Systems,Operations Management,
English for Business,Public Finance,Statistics and soooooooo much more LOL

it's..................pretty tiring *sigh* Frown
Mumbo, you're back? For long, or just passing by? Big Grin

And that sounds interestin...

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yeah i'm back,hopefully for long LOL Big Grin

yeah it DOES sound interesting but it's ANYTHING but interesting to me T_T
That's usually the way it goes. I hate the accounting courses in my uni. I signed up for Hotel Management, not counting for grownups.

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i think accounting is the worst subject imo

i wish i hadnt gone to that college T_T

but it's too late for regrets
It's not too late. I'm in my third university.

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but if i keep moving from college to college

i'll finish by the time i'm 30 or something

1st: it's not that easy
2nd: i dont want to study THAT long
Lol... fair enough., But you're still young.

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yeah i know but i've already been in this college for 3 years

i dont know maybe i should just cont. in it

even if takes 10 years lol
Lol. Finish it if you're so far into it.

Than also why not get a Masters.

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ahem..........i mean that's kinda hard for someone who doesnt like to study much

i'm not a clever student lol
Hmm.. School huh? Not much of a fan. I had a rough time through the end of high school because of my "lack of interest" (in other words, Final Fantasy XI). I managed to work my way out in to the real world one step at a time. The great thing about the IT industry is you can't put a standard on programmatic practices. Mainly because technology in it self is an ever changing subject. It's good enough to get away with no degree and minor certification (I refuse to pay for those). I don't think that education was the easiest means for me to learn mainly because a person like myself has en easier time picking an object up, taking it apart, and putting it back together until it becomes a routine. I'm not saying that education is a waste of time, but for myself and the situations that I was involved in I didn't have a choice. I'd love to go back to school though. I would love to teach Computer Science someday, whenever that will be. (in 19 years hah!)
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i wish i could study IT

interesting field,love to read about it
yeah i know but i've already been in this college for 3 years

i dont know maybe i should just cont. in it

even if takes 10 years lol
Originally Posted by mumbo
Make sure you finish up or at some point in life you may wish you had. I never got a four year degree and I think it impacted my career at points. Esp the lack of accounting knowledge. Luckily I had good mentors along the way that helped shored up my skills. I have a associates degree in drafting which I haven't used for 18 years... There have been many times I have considered going back however at my age I just can't seeing doing it now, plus I have experience on my side now. Smile

Anthony, I agree to be successful in IT does not require a degree however to move up the chain it helps. I don't have one and have move my way up but it takes a lot of work and helps to have mentors.
Agreed, miller. A degree is VERY important.

A Passport for life itself.

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