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Thanks to the impact my previous Extra Life thread had on my 2016 fund raising, I will keep a running log for 2017, too.

Once again, I am supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life 2017. I got a kickstart today on my fundraising by getting a $150 donation from a friend, and I figured I would go ahead and start this thread today. My goal, based on the tremendous success of last year, I have upped my personal goal to $1500. So, already 10% done, YAY!

For those of you that don't know, Extra Life is a charity marathon for the Children's Miracle Network hospitals. And like any charity marathon, people work to get sponsors (that is where you come in, *hint*) to make a donation to their profile page Like this one and 100% of all donations go to the specific hospital each participant is supporting. I have been supporting KU Med Pediatrics in Kansas City for the last five year. For two of those years, I even supported the hospital as President of the Extra Life Guild in the area. I took part in outreach and awareness opportunities around the metro, and even traveled to Orlando to take part in a charity tournament as part of the End of the Year CMN celebration Momentum. And I am going back in just three weeks for Extra Life United 2017.

This year, I have a lot of Extra Life plans, both specific and general. I started the year off by volunteering some time at the Extra Life booth at PAX South in January, helping to get over 300 people signed up during the convention. At the end of the month, I will be returning to Orlando to attend Extra Life United, participating in 6 of the game tournaments, each with the potential to earn $4000 dollars for my hospital. In April, I will take my first trip, ever, to Portland, ME. I will be participating in the Chits & Bits Game Marathon that is run by a couple of my friends, in support of Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. While they are raising money for their hospital, I will still be raising for mine, and we will all be raising awareness for Extra Life. In July, I fully intend to incorporate Extra Life this year, just have not decided how that looks, so, I am open to suggestions. Then Game Day 2017 is November 4, 2017. Once again, it will be 25-hours, as that is the Daylight Savings reversion day.

I also have CMON Expo, BGG Spring, GenCon, and BGGCON on the schedule, with potential to do Extra Life events at those conventions, but, nothing scheduled, yet.

Either way, if you feel charitable please help me out at the link below, or, just drop a message in this thread. Thanks!

My Extra Life Page:

My Twitch Channel, where you can watch all the gaming action on Game Day, from Noon CDT Saturday - Noon CST Sunday, 25-hours:
www.twitch.tv/futiles (Feel free to subscribe/follow)

Game Day Schedule (tentative):
Extra Life 2017-capture.png

Last two years, some of my friends did, 100 days of gaming leading up to the marathon, to raise awareness, and I joined in this year.

07-28 - Century: Spice Road, Kingdomino, Belfort, and Gems of War
07-29 - Gems of War, Microsoft Ultimate Word Game, and Pokemon Go
07-30 - Gems of War, Microsoft Ultimate Word Game, Roll Player, Myrmes, and Pokemon Go
07-31 - Gems of War, Microsoft Ultimate Word Game, and Pokemon Go (caught my Moltres, first try)
08-01 - Gems of War and Pokemon Go. That's it. Caught a Moltres and leveled some kingdoms.
08-02 - Port Royal at lunch and Gems of War at home (all my kingdoms are level 10, now just powering up stars)
08-03 - Gems of War, that's it, crazy day at work.
08-04 - Port Royal, Gems of War, Kraftwagen, and Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space
08-05 - Gems of War and Wordsy
08-06 - Gems of War, Seafall, Caverna: Cave vs Cave, Unlock! The Formula, and Wordsy
08-07 - Gems of War, Loonacy, Timeline: Americana, Ticket to Ride: Card Game, Animal Upon Animal: Card Game, Animal Upon Animal, Moose in the House, Stack Jack, Battle Kittens, Happy Salmon, Flipping Birds, Le Boomb, Scrabble Slam, Story Cubes, Story Cubes Actions, and Jenga! (WOW!!! A LOT!!!)
08-08 - Ticket to Ride: The Card Game and Gems of War
08-09 - Gems of War (and a nap)
08-10 - Gems of War (and some cooking)
08-11 - Gems of War (and a slightly medical procedure that made me cranky...)
08-12 - Gems of War, Lorenzo il Magnifico, and Wordsy
08-13 - Gems of War, The Godfather: Corleone's Empire, Lovecraft Letter, Wordsy, Cottage Garden, and Kraftwagen
08-14 - Gems of War, and I spent the day sorting and bagging games
08-15 - GenCon50 Arrival, sneaked in Project Cars VR on HTC Vive (awesome)
08-16 - GenCon50 Setup finished, sneaked in Star Trek Bridge Simulator VR (MORE AWESOME)
08-17 - GenCon50 Day 1 - Okey Dokey, Gruff, Call of the Wild, Overlords of Infamy
08-18 - GenCon50 Day 2 - Project Cars VR
08-19 - GenCon50 Day 3 - Visions of Zosimos and Star Trek Bridge Simulator
08-20 - GenCon50 Day 4 - Flamme Rouge and GenCon tear down
08-21 - Eclipse Day (with Dacoto, CKinAL, and LibrarianBeth) - Flamme Rouge, Animal Upon Animal: Small Yet Great, Okey Dokey, and Rhino Hero
08-22 - Pokemon Go, and Apps of Splendor, Ticket to Ride, San Juan, and Dominant Species
08-23 - Gems of War, and then a lot of game organization, lots of GenCon50 purchases...
08-24 - Stop Thief!
08-25 - Downforce (twice), Indulgence, Lorenzo il Magnifico, and I taught Unlock!
08-26 - Gems of War. (boring work Saturday)
08-27 - Gems of War, Indulgence, Downforce, Notre Dame, and Century: Spice Road
08-28 - Gems of War, and more game organizing. Completely redid Dominion storage...
08-29 - Gems of War and Dragonmaster (the 1981 card game based on Coup d'Etat based on Barbu)
08-30 - Gems of War, Indulgence, and Abaddon
08-31 - Raptor, twice, at lunch
09-01 - Gems of War, Flip City, Massive Darkness, Splendor, and Mini Rails
09-02 - Gems of War, Just Desserts, Biblios, and Pyramids
09-03 - Downforce and Massive Darkness
09-04 - Unlock! The Island of Doctor Goorse (My 100th New to me game this year!), Animal Upon Animal: Here We Turn, Indulgence, Stop Thief!, Rhino Hero, Unlock! Squeek & Sausage, Dominion, and Gems of War.
09-05 - Gems of War
09-06 - Gems of War, Nantucket, Munchkin Spell Skool
09-07 - Nantucket, Tides of Madness, Dragonheart
09-08 - Gems of War, Secret Hitler (x 3), Downforce (x2), Ethnos
09-09 - Gems of War, Lords of Waterdeep, Century: Spice Road, Downforce, and Clank!
09-10 - Between Two Cities, Century: Spice Road, and Massive Darkness
09-11 - Gems of War
09-12 - Gems of War, and assembled game shelves
09-13 - Gems of War, Trials Fusion, and game room organizing
09-14 - Gems of War, Tournament at Camelot, and sorted game promos
09-15 - Gems of War, Port Royal, Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction, Between Two Cities, Animal Upon Animal: Crest Climbers, and Blood Rage
09-16 - Gems of War, and a quiet afternoon going through games and organizing bits
09-17 - Gems of War, Seafall twice (getting close to endgame on this one), Rhino Hero, A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King twice, and Just Desserts
09-18 - Gems of War, Game of Thrones: Hand of the King, and Downforce
09-19 - Gems of War and Downforce
09-20 - Gems of War, Splendor (x2), and MarioKart 8
09-21 - Gems of War, MarioKart 8, Downforce (x6), and Sagrada
09-22 - Gems of War, MarioKart 8, Sagrada, Orléans, and Port Royal
09-23 - Gems of War, Ethnos, Sagrada, Hand of the King, and MarioKart 8
09-24 - Sagrada (x2), Yokohama, Downforce, Hand of the King, Splendor, and Gems of War
09-25 - Gems of War and MarioKart 8
09-26 - Gems of War, Sagrada, and Last of Us
09-27 - Sagrada, Port Royal, The Last of Us, and Gems of War
09-28 - Gems of War
09-29 - Gems of War, Port Royal (x3), Matryoshka, Yokohama, Sagrada (x2), and Downforce
09-30 - Gems of War, Hand of the King, Sagrada, Monikers (x2), and Splendor
10-01 - Gems of War
10-02 - Gems of War, Animal Upon Animal (x4), Sushi Go Party, Le Boomb (x4), Loonacy (x4), Timeline: Discoveries, Timeline: Diversity, Happy Salmon, and Fleet Wharfside
10-03 - Gems of War and a ton of the Splendor App
10-04 - Gems of War and The Last of Us
10-05 - Gems of War
10-06 - Port Royal and Gems of War
10-07 - Gems of War, Splendor, Kingdomino, Sagrada, and Animal Upon Animal: Balancing Bridge
10-08 - Trajan, Sagrada, Century: Spice Road, and Orléans
10-09 - Gems of War and Horizon Zero Dawn
10-10 - Gems of War and Horizon Zero Dawn
10-11 - Gems of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and "Gears of War 4" (I played one match, and then let Hotdog do some stuff, and I got some levels. It looked like magic, but, I understand it was called "boosting")
10-12 - Patchwork and Splendor
10-13 - Massive Darkness, Century: Spice Road, Sagrada, Orleans, and Patchwork
10-14 - Patchwork
10-15 - MarioKart 8 and painting minis
10-16 - MarioKart 8 and Painting minis
10-17 - Port Royal, MarioKart 8, and painting minis
10-18 - Splendor and painting minis
10-19 - Port Royal, Splendor, and painting minis
10-20 - Zombicide: Black Plague, Trickerion, and painting minis
10-21 - Splendor and painting minis
10-22 - Isaribi, Mare Nostrum: Empires, Karmaka, and painting minis
10-23 - MarioKart 8 and painting minis
10-24 - MarioKart 8, Splendor, and painting minis
10-25 - MarioKart 8, Splendor and painting minis
10-26 - Splendor and painting minis
10-27 - Splendor and painting minis
10-28 - MarkioKart 8, Super Mario Odyssey, Splendor, and painting minis
10-29 - Splendor and painting minis
10-30 - Splendor and painting minis
10-31 - Splendor
11-01 - Splendor
11-02 - Funeral
11-03 - Funeral
11-04 - GAME DAY!!!!!!

Fundraising Totals:
03-01-2017 - $150/$150
03-05-2017 - $20/$170
03-23-2017 - $75/$245 (I have earned the 2017 Extra Life T-shirt, I will now have a week worth of Extra Life shirts!)
03-24-2017 - $25/$270
04-03-2017 - $6500/$6770!!!! (ELU money hit, so, it is time to up the goal. Going for $8000 now.)
04-07-2017 - $10/$6780 (Co-worker handed me $10 and asked me to put it to my Extra Life Page)
07-29-2017 - $25/$6805 (#100DaysofGaming worked, $25 from a friend who saw my Twitter Post)
08-29-2017 - $50/$6855 (From Jeff!)
10-27-2017 - $25/$6880
10-28-2017 - $220/$7100!!! (Thanks Homeless!) Oki
11-02-2017 - $50/$7150 (Fshguy's the best)
11-03-2017 - $150/$7300
11-04-2017 - $205/$7505
11-06-2017 - $100/$7605
12-31-2017 - $25/$7630
Last edited 12-31-2017 at 11:54 AM by futiles.
Got the Switch hooked up, and played a little 1-2 Switch on the Twitch Stream, but, I need a better setup for live streaming that. Hopefully, next weekend I will have that handled!

Then, started The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. WOW. It is an amazing game. I am about 5 hours in, and have completed the first story mission, and that is when you find out, oh, you have been on a plateau that is less than 1/10 the entire game area, so, head out and have fun...

While on stream, a couple of Extra Lifer buddies joined and we chatted about things, and that lead to a couple of donations, so, already $170 into the year, and looking good to make that goal.
As soon as my taxes come in I will donate. I was going to join you in your efforts for the year but current circumstances will not allow it, but we are planning on a 2018 attendance. Having a child that took part in the benefits of these services, I have a tender part in me that fully supports it. Talk to ya soon Smile
As soon as my taxes come in I will donate. I was going to join you in your efforts for the year but current circumstances will not allow it, but we are planning on a 2018 attendance. Having a child that took part in the benefits of these services, I have a tender part in me that fully supports it. Talk to ya soon Smile
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
No problem. I'll be here every year. Wasn't really intending to start this thread as early as I did, but, started getting donations, and I have the tournaments in two weeks, so, figured I would start documenting.

Thanks for reading and following.
I am at Extra Life United, at Walt Disney World, with tournament play beginning at noon, Friday March 24, 2017. The tournament will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/extralife4kids (I will be auto-hosting their feed at www.twitch.tv/futiles - so, you should be able to find it there). I will be playing (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

Citadels (Table 1) at 12:30
Star Realms (Bracket 6, first round bye) at 13:30

Splendor (Table 4) at 15:30
Ticket to Ride (Table 5) at 16:30

Dominion (Table 2) at 18:30
Small World (Table 3) at 19:30

Should I make any or all finals: the Citadels finals, those will be at 14:30. Ticket to Ride Semi Finals will be at 17:30. All other finals will begin at 20:30, and continue until Midnight. Tournament bracket finals will continue Saturday morning at 10:00, and continue until 13:30.

At 14:00, the top 16 overall winners (from all 6 tabletop and 6 video game tournaments) will be placed into a mystery game tournament. Exciting!

In all twelve individual tournaments, prize money will be awarded to each winners designated CMN Hospital (KU Med for me) as: 1st - $4000, 2nd - $2000, 3rd - $1000, and 4th - $500. $7500 in prize money for hospitals per tournament, $90,000 total!!!

In the Mystery Finals, all 16 Top Winners are guaranteed bonus money for their hospitals, based on their standings in the mystery game, broken out:

1st place - $12,000
2nd place - $8,000
3rd and 4th places - $5,000
5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th places - $3,000
9th - 16th places - $1,000

A bonus money total of $50,000!!

Then, Microsoft is sponsoring an on-going King-of-the-Hill style challenge event, with an additional $10,000 of money to be awarded. $150,000 will be going to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals this weekend.

Also, today (March 23) is my birthday. Actually, my 40th birthday. While at ELU, I did request that anyone interested (also through Facebook) donate to my Extra Life Page. This has lead to $75 in donations today!
I won my Citadels and Star Realms matches.
Just won Splendor. I have made the semi finals of that. Due to schedule, all finals will be after the first rounds.

I am in Splendor Semi Finals, Citadels Finals, and 3rd round for Star Realms.

Ticket to Ride is next.
Won Ticket to Ride, made the semi finals. Lost Dominion, I am out of that one.

Small World preliminary round is up next!

I am currently one win or second place finish in Ticket to Ride and Splendor to guarantee my hospital at least $500, and possibly as much as $4000.

I am a 4th place (out of 6) in Citadels away from $500 (or better, up to $4000).

I am 2 wins away from $500, and 3 wins away from $4000 in Star Realms.

So close, and so much more to go!

http://el.futiles.net if you would like to motivate me with a donation notification while playing.

http://www.twitch.tv/extralife4kids if you want to watch the action.
Won Small World.

Won my 3rd round Star Realms match.

So, I am:

Citadels - Finals on Saturday morning (4th place or better out of 6, MONEY!!)
Star Realms - Quarter Finals on Saturday morning (Win the match, make the Semi finals, MONEY)
Splendor - Semi Finals on Saturday (2nd or 1st place, make finals, MONEY!!!)
Ticket to Ride - Semi Finals in 15 minutes (2nd or 1st place, make finals, MONEY!!!)
Dominion - Eliminated
Small World - Semi Finals on Saturday Morning (2nd or 1st place, make finals, MONEY!!!)

And I am worn out.
Tried to watch but not a good enough connection Frown Stil, nice job!
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
Thanks for the support. I am hoping to raise a little more money on my own, and then anything "won" this weekend should be donated to my page.

Finished Ticket to Ride Semi-Final match in second place, which advances me to the finals. Ticket to Ride finals is a 4-player game, and each player is guaranteed to take money for their individual hospital. So, at this point, KU Med Pediatrics will get at least $500 from this tournament. (If I finish better than last they win more!)

I start up again at 10:00 EDT. Hopefully, if I keep winning, some of the Tabletop final tables SHOULD end up on Twitch at some point. Look for the big guy in the Captain America Mickey Mouse ears (and with the shield, too).

Finished in the 3rd place in Citadels, decided by tie breaker! And won $1000 for KU Med.

Won my Quarter Finals in Star Realms, and have made the semi finals. Locked in $500.

Eliminated from Splendor.

Eliminated from Small World.

Won my semi final Star Realms game, on Twitch Live. Qualified for the finals. Immediately played my finals match. Unfortunately I lost, but, second place overall is $2000. ($3000 WON at this point.)

My Ticket to Ride match is next, live on Twitch, as soon as Splendor is done. It is a 4-player game, and everyone is locked in money. $500, $1000, $2000, or $4000, based on position.

I am currently in the top 16, and if that remains, I advance to a Grand Champions tournament, with all players guaranteed a bonus of $1000. ($12,000 for first, $8,000 for second, $5,000 for third and fourth, $3,000 for fifth through eighth, and $1,000 for 9th through 16th!)
Finished 4th in Ticket to Ride, and my $3500 locked me at #10 overall.

In the Sweet Sixteen, I eliminated a PC Gamer at Inversus. Basically, a tweak on the twin-stick shooter genre.

However, in the Elite Eight, I lost at Super Mario 3 Battle Mode. $3000 was added to my $3500.

$6500 raised for KU Med Pediatrics.
Extra Life United 2017 is done. I am exhausted and waiting to board my plane.
That's a hell of a total! Congrats on the wins
Way to go, futiles!! That's a helluva run and for a good cause.

Once the "winnings" get reported, I will be updating my Extra Life page with a new goal, because, $6500 seems to give me a bit of a lead on $1500. I am thinking $8000, meaning an additional $1500 over the $6500 I earned in the tournament.

Once the "winnings" get reported, I will be updating my Extra Life page with a new goal, because, $6500 seems to give me a bit of a lead on $1500. I am thinking $8000, meaning an additional $1500 over the $6500 I earned in the tournament.
Originally Posted by futiles
Whatever the results were, I imagine that GTN and a few other sites will make sure you hit $8000. I am so appreciative of your efforts.
The "winnings" have posted, and I am now at $6770 raised. So, I have changed my goal to $8000. Hopefully, I have a few plans to make that happen, and may even try for $10,000 this year.

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