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Fifteen-year-old McKay Hatch should be celebrated. Tired of hearing profanities, he started the No Cussing Club. The club is over 20,000 strong. Not every admires Hatch for efforts. In fact threats and pizza deliveries started showing up at his parents South Pasadena, California home.

The Hatch's deal constantly with false deliveries and pornographic material arriving at their home, but they didn't order any of it. McKay's e-mail box runs full of profanity-laced hate e-mails. The family's phone rings constantly with prank calls.

The situation reached a peak recently, when an anonymous caller told McKay they were standing in front of their house and were about to kill his family. Detectives are looking into the calls and e-mail and are working to make arrests.

McKay has something that many politicians lack--a backbone. No matter how bad it's gotten, he has continued to grow the club. At the end of the month, he has his first no cussing book coming out, and continues to grow the organization on the Web.

what r ur comments?
I think it is great! Nothing irks me more then listening to a bunch of 15 year old punks in halo that sound like they where raise in a sewer. This is one of the main reasons I don't play with the general public anymore.
agreed, people on Halo 3 are the worst. Ive hardly ever been online with it due to the immature fanbase. I enjoyed the games but COD4 has a much more mature following (from my months of online experience). Anyway, things like this deserve support.
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Cussing should be kept for special occasions where it's really merited.

Like when I shout, "FUCK YEAH" After completing Legendary on Halo 3.

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WOW killak that is SO MATURE Stick Out Tongue

especially after the really hard end boss /sarcasm
England is my city
I'm just saying that some special situations merit the good old F word.

But this guy is admirable. Hopefully this will make me consider online play after is has time to spread. Because with the current bunch of nutjobs online, it puts me off.

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You also have to look international recognization of "curse words"... They are not always viewed as "poor choices" for words, rather more "colorful". lol

But to each his own. If he feels as though his cause is Just and Worthy of a movement, all the power to him. I think that's quite an achievement for someone so young. Smile
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yeah i think so too

well u cant force people to stop cussing

it's just one of their ways to express what they feel
I don't really have any room to talk, I have a bad mouth. One of my bad vices. The only time I think someone should wisely pick which words they use is in the presence of children. Trust me though, I've had some mess ups in my time lol.
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but if they dont hear it from u

they'll just hear it in the streets

and that's annoying
I, personally, couldn't go a day without swearing.

Be it for exclaiming, annoyance, or just as a useful adjective, the curse word can go along way.

Don't miss out! Start cursing today and watch all the people you love leave you in a gutter.

Cursing, by Asshats.
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Really... it's crazy. Must be a British thing. Even in class I'm like, "Shit"

The tamest phrase I use is, "bugger"

I can't help it. English people need to curse, lol. The only time I don't curse is when working in a hotel or around customers. It's hard, but I can force myself.

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In my opinion, racist terms should be banned before "curse words". Just a thought.
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Agreed. However, I do think racism has a place in comedy. Black movies constantly poke fun at the "white man culture", and I think freedom of speech should not hamper unpolitically correct humour.

Everything has a place. I am a strong fighter when it comes to seditious racism. I bloody well think anyone in the world deserves respect as long as they're decent. Actions speak louder than colour.

However, as a Brit who has spent his whole life mocking the french, I still think unPC humour takes the cake. It's brilliant.

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Absolutely!! There is a time and a place. In the words of Chris Rock, "It's in WHAT context you use those words!".
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It just seems that people band together and rebel against whatever they can, nowadays. It's quite annoying, and completely irrelevant. I understand the motives behind it, but there's just no way you can live in a world without swearing. Sure it can be overused, but it also helps aleviate your emotions. It sounds stupid, but it is a successful way of getting out your anger, or sadness, instead of punching the lights out of someone, breaking some furnature, or turning to smoking.

People should put their energies into something more beneficial towards the planet, rather than being selfish bastards trying to change things that will make themselves, personally, feel better.
.... Man, you sound pissed, Jon...#

Big Grin

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