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Not sure where to post this but thought this would be the best place to do so. I tried looking for the answer but couldn't find it. That and im fresh here on the site, so still trying to understand everything.

When I look at my games and games I've completed I see two things. A orange/yellow color and the game will say 100% completed. But then I will also see a game 100% complete but the bar is green colored? What are the color's suppose to mean? At first I thought maybe it had to do if the game had DLC but it wasn't because Mr. Pumpkin adventure was yellow and is complete and Canada Football 2017 is complete but is green.

Any insight would be amazing.
Do you even sleep bro?
Orange should be a complete game. Green means it's still in progress. I don't have any games that show, say 12 for 12, like yours do but you have a few like that are showing that way.

I do see that under each of those games it says, "There are 12 achievements waiting to be synced up for this game and gamertag combination".

Did you play any of these games offline?

Have you tried loading up the game so that it can sync to the MS servers and then give it time to see if it updates on the site?

No, I played them online. They unlocked properly and are showing properly as well on and the sort. I mainly use TA and don't have issues there. I've noticed it's taking over two weeks for it to sync all my data after signing up. Is there a reason why the process is so slow?
Do you even sleep bro?
I'm showing that the "initial sync" for your Gamertag is still in progress. Your sync schedule seems to be working fine with recent updates for profile, achievements, and games all syncing again within the past couple of hours.
As a test, I was able to manually sync Canadian Football, so you'll see that it's gold now. Looks like the syncs are working as intended, just give it some time. It's done incrementally to handle the load from everyone, and my guess is you just happen to have a lot of up-front content to move through.
Keep me posted.
Thanks! I'll keep you posted as it progresses. There's a fun comp I joined on here and wanted to make sure everything was all sync'd up as well before it started. Also good to know what the colors finally mean though, haha
Do you even sleep bro?

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