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Hi everyone,

I'm just curious does anyone collect the Final Fantasy Trading Cards? I have just bought myself:

3 Opus 1 booster boxes (36 Packs each having 12 cards in them).
3 Opus 2 booster Boxes (36 Packs each having 12 cards in them).
3 Opus 3 booster boxes (36 Packs each having 12 cards in them).
5 Starter decks one of each currently available. Each containing 50 Cards.

2 Opus 4 on Pre-order (36 Packs each having 12 cards in them) Releasing in December.

Yeah I went crazy and now I am sorting through approximately 4000 plus cards lol

I also have tons of Pokémon Cards I've collected since the beginning.
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I have bought all the starters and a few singles on the cheap to improve those decks. In the new year ill be buying a heap more to try and foil them up and get them ready for proper playing. Love the game its different from all the others I have ever played.
Interesting, this appears to not have made it over the North America. I was curious, just because I do not remember seeing it at any store I frequent, so, I looked it up.

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