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Do you have the Christmas Badge?

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× 32 (71.11%) Of course I already have the Christmas badge.

× 6 (13.33%) I don't have the Christmas badge.

× 6 (13.33%) I don't have the Christmas badge because I keep forgetting to login on Christmas Day.

× 1 (2.22%) Don't have or care about badges.

  • Added 12-21-2017 08:05 AM
  • 45 votes
Christmas Day is almost here and there is a badge for logging in on Christmas Day.

I always plan to login but then get wrapped up in the day. So I completely forget to login to get the badge. Anyone else in this boat?

So I'm making a forum thread to generate a chat to make me want to come back and check this post. I'm going to enable email notifications so I'll hopefully get a notification on Christmas Day which will be my reminder to login.

I'll add a poll to see who has it, doesn't, forgets, etc...
I have all the Holiday related badges Big Grin
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It appears I got it 4 years ago. Seems like a lot got it in 2013, that may have been the first year of it.
I had no idea if I had this badge. I checked and I got it back in 2014.

Join the leaderboard that is *actually* #1 on the site! All friends of mine are welcome and anyone who prefers poptarts over fish!
I can guarantee, without checking, I do not yet have this badge..
I have all the holiday badges as well Smile

I'll never get the login streaks for 250 and 500 though. Got up to 130 something earlier this year and goofed it, and now I've broken it like 4 times since then, including yesterday lol. 1 Down 499 to go haha
I guess I got my last year lol but the one I don't have is the New Years badge lol but good luck to u to get the Christmas badge today
Thanks to Hotdog for the reminder as I didn’t get an email from the site yet today.

Assassincreed. I probably don’t have that either. I’ll try to remember that next.
Got your back like a butt crack
Adding nothing constructive to a thread near you

What exactly is the point of this thread?
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