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Simply to get back in the groove. 2017 was a completely non-gaming year for me. You have to go back to 2006 to find a year where I scored less.Hell, I've had single day totals higher than my 2017 total Lol

SG Steelhead won 339 Achievements in 26 games, for a total of 14,474 TrueAchievement points (10,360 Gamerscore).

If all achievements were worth 10 Gamerscore, the Standardized Score would be 4,838 points.

I did play the shit out of Destiny 2 though...all three characters at or near the light/power level cap.
Originally Posted by SG Steelhead
Get back in the groove, check. I didn't smash any records, but did get back to steady gaming for the most part.

SG Steelhead earned 2,035 achievements in 2018 for 59,011 GamerScore worth 79,386 TA
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.So yeah, I made it to AF which was a positive thing!
Originally Posted by Kaens
This is the only real gaming goal anyone needs.
" I can't keep [it] up right now, as soon as I get enough to feed it, I have to play forever just to give it some water. Then it falls asleep." -smrnov
Congrats! That's awesome.

This is more how mine went. I was burned out and didn't really console game this year. I wanted to lower my goals to just play some popular games that were not for points, but I actually had by far my worst year ever and only scored 11,060 points, over 10k of that was at AF. So yeah, I made it to AF which was a positive thing!

I did get into Gems of War for the past few months, like REALLY into it. And I had a really good year on my phone games, nothing for achievements but I hit those goals as well.

Finally, Fshguy killed me this year too! Without really having to try, he kinda won by default so I intend to make this year much harder for him.
Originally Posted by Kaens
You get extra credit for coming to AF....
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