I def miss you x360v guys and gals

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Not a ton to really post here about since I switched to playstation 3 years ago. I did recently get an X1X but aside from Super Luckys Tale I haven't really played much on it. How are you old 360voice people doing
Doing well. I still see your tweets here and there so I knew you were still alive and kicking, at least.
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Twitter: @SG_Steelhead
Doing quite well! Good to see you again Big Grin

Join the leaderboard that is *actually* #1 on the site! All friends of mine are welcome and anyone who prefers poptarts over fish!
Sting, how's it going. It has been awhile since I've seen your name pop up.

Getting along and staying busy as most of us do. Try to play but don't always get the time at night.

Just keep grabbing the 4 free games each month so when you do decide to play that Xbox you'll have plenty of games to pick from. Smile
Still alive....so busy with things.
Former 360voice Admin. Gaming and Autocross...mkay.
All Confirmed.
Still here increasing that gamerscore, just a lot slower thee days...so what gas been your favorite PS game?

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