How GTN became useful for my attempts at going to University.

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So Me, Brummyforlife and Nosferotica went to a University Convention (that was compulsery for our college), and I found out just how useful this site can be for getting me into college.

As ya'll probably know, I write reviews for the site. And, because they're being pusblished online, I can use those reviews for my portfolio of work to get into a Journalism Degree!

Considering the fact that I'm not going to need any A levels to get into, I could quit now (but I'm not for the sake of my future).

I wrote this, really, to thank Eric for the creation of the site and to thank Billy for introducing it to me. Without it, I'd have an empty portfolio so far and I wouldn't be as ahead of the game as I am now.

Expect more work from me in the coming months, gotta build this portfolio up so it's substantial enough for me to get in!
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This is fantastic. I'm really glad something you've put your heart and soul into is having such good repercussions on your life.

This is a prime example of how life should work. I love it!

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make sure you get them edited before handing them to anyone important. i would have done it directly in the review section had i been able to, but as long as they see a polished version, it shouldn't matter.
This just made my day man. Like Killak, I think this is the way life should be played out. Do what you love and have fun with it. I'm glad to see you turning that into a career in journalism. I think writing reviews for games will be very rewarding for journalism and I hope to see more of your work in the future. Smile
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yeah its awesome. somehow ive managed to put GTN into my CV by saying I do news and a review when i get round to it. Of course Ive made it sound much more professional.
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That's pretty badass. I use my credentials here and my previous position on FFR to reference when it comes to my leadership review.

Good fun. Love GTN!

I bet Eric's reaping some rewards too, even though he's too modest to admit.

:P Hehe

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

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