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Starting a thread to chat about what is going on in the world of Microsoft for E3 this year. Hope everyone is watching on Mixer.
" I can't keep [it] up right now, as soon as I get enough to feed it, I have to play forever just to give it some water. Then it falls asleep." -smrnov
Right when the show started, my Mixer went down and wouldn't load up. I switched over to Twitch to watch it.

Forza Horizon 4 with the open world where players are always around is a great add to that game. Definitely makes you want to get it if you enjoy the Horizon games.

Which Fallout 76 is going to have the same type deal, so that's going to be a game everyone wants as well.

My kids were drawn to the Kingdom Hearts 3 game for obvious reasons.

For some reason, the Tunic game caught my attention and looks like it will be a good game.

I got really excited for Jump Force even though I haven't played a fighting game in years.

Kids had never heard of Battletoads but I'll be interested to actually see some gameplay footage of the game.

Gears 5, Pop and Tactics. More grinding. hehe

I'm curious what you all thought of the Cyberpunk game.

I'll definitely be playing the Command and Conquer game on mobile when it comes out.

If you download Quake Champions this week it'll be free to play and stay free for you. So grab it if you want it.

I'll be curious to see what Doom eternal has in it.

That Prey Mooncrash I'll be able to play in VR so I'll will be looking at getting that.

The Elder Scrolls Blades game is also going to be playable in VR even against someone on mobile and it's a free game. Will definitely end up playing that.
Microsoft's was really great this year, they continue to focus on games, and they even had a few show-stealers with that Cyberpunk reveal. I might even pre-order that one, which I haven't done in a while.
I'm still waiting on Below, and I'm looking forward to Tunic, Just Cause, and potentially several "indie" titles.
PlayStation conference for me showed Resident Evil 2 and the Spider-man game.

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