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I won't sugar coat it, friends. I've got a brain tumor. Over the last 16 months, my quality of life has deteriorated moderately due to the growing pressure of a thankfully benign tumor located near my spinal bridge, within the arachnoid layer. It's about the size of a small avacodo with a pear shape to it.

I've periodically lost vision in my left eye, have migraines and seizures consistently, have tremors along the right side of my body especially my right hand and arm. I slur, stammer, and stutter my words like a drunken sot. I have minimal balance and am constantly dizzy.

It seemed to get worse over the last 5 months, with the severe symptoms gaining in continuity. The first migraine/siezure occured in February this year, requiring a hospital stay. That stay is where the first scan was done, showing the growth. Since then, I've had multiple scans to determine it's pathology. My neurosurgeons believe it is not cancerous, but it is growing.

I am about to undergo surgery to remove it in a few days or up to a week or two. It's a lower priority on the whole brain tumor scale. Since a biopsy is just as invasive as removal, considering they have to crack my skull open per se, they will only go in once. I will have up to 2 months recovery postop, and i hopefully I can return to full strength and participation.

Honestly, I've missed you guys. I've missed the camaraderie and the trash-talking. I've missed my friends.

Now you know why I have been missing. What do you need to do about it? Nothing. Expenses are paid since I am retired army. I haven't used vacation time in almost a decade, so I will still get paid full wages while out. If i could ask you to just maintain positivity in your hearts and minds for me, that would help.

The fear of this other side of surgery is what I need help with the most. There's no telling what the outcome will be, but only what they expect it could be. So, just, if you could, send good vibes my way please.

Thanks much, old friends. I'll be around as this plays out and keep you updated.
Well, it sounds like you're having a bit of a year. It honestly sounds like you are in a pretty good headspace, all things considered. I wish you luck with the procedure. The fear is completely understandable, but thank you for opening up. I'm sure this isn't the easiest thing to go through. Good luck, but I'm sure you are in good, experienced hands.
I wish all the best I did wonder where you went so sorry to hear of your situation. Coming from someone who has had friends in a similar situation I can honestly say Medicine nowadays is ground breaking and I know you will be in amazing hands and that you will be fine.

I will be thinking of you trying to send good vibes and will say some Prayers for you (I you don't mind that sort of thing) Smile
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I hope the surgery goes well and you'll recover 100%.
Good luck with everything! I will keep you in my prayers!
I'm not going to sugar coat it either. That sounds terrifying. I knock on wood everyday when I wake up that me and my kids are healthy. Everyone knows someone who gets something that fucks up their normal life and it can happen anytime. I'm glad to hear you have a chance to get fixed up and enjoy life again. Good luck with the surgery and a full recovery!!

P.S. Huge thanks for your service!
I wish you the best of luck and stay positive! You will be in my prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
So sorry to hear that you are going through this. Considering the situation, the best thing is that it's not cancerous. You won't have to go through any Chemo or radiation. Best of luck with the surgery and may you have a speedy recovery. Sending good vibes your way.
Jesus Christ, Porsche! Good luck with the surgery. Let us know how it goes.
I hope all goes well for you buddy! Stay strong!
That is a good reason to not be around. Glad to hear it is benign, that has got to be some relief. Praying for you and your family and a healthy recovery.

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A quick nap followed by a bunch of time off sounds pretty nice. We'll be here when you get back.
I saw the neurosurgeon yesterday, and he's opting out of surgery. He states that if he removes it, something else will grow in to replace it. He recommended I go to a neurologist to treat the symptoms now, instead of c4ack me open. He also believes the tumor is not the source of my neurological issues. That was very defeating. I thought I had answers in the form of an operable tumor, but no. At least not now.

It is good news in a way, since no surgery is better than brain surgery, but it leaves the question "what is causing my symptoms?" And no, it's not that Brain on Fire movie lol.

Back to square one, sort of. I will be speaking to a neurologist hopefully Friday, if not, then next week.

Meds don't help. I can't sleep, so that doesn't help. I feel like I am slowly deteriorating away.

Thanks for the love and support, you guys are the best. I'll keep it updated as I find out more.
Thanks for keeping us updated. You have my support and prayers.
I hope they figure something out for you, I'm surprised that they don't want to remove it as it doesn't sound like it is supposed to be there in the first place.
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All Confirmed.
I hope they figure something out for you, I'm surprised that they don't want to remove it as it doesn't sound like it is supposed to be there in the first place.
Originally Posted by Mightymango
The neurosurgeon said that they are more common than expected. Roughly 5% of humans have them in various sizes and shapes, and are only ever found after an accident or migraine (or seizure in my case) where an exploratory scan is done to rule out other issues. He thinks I may have had it my whole life, and it shouldn't be causing the issues I am complaining of. He doesn't seem to think that it was triggered to change, as we had previously suggested. Just luck of the draw.

My vision loss has transferred to my right eye this week, and its all dark and cloudy when I close my left eye. Their response? Get to the neurologist faster, and maybe see an eye doctor. So I have a left eye that goes black randomly, and a dark, cloudy right eye. I'm about to drive home - lets see how that goes, eh?

I spoke with representative of the neurologist today, and I should be getting in to see him next week. I also have a referral put in for a different neurosurgeon for a second opinion on the growth.

We'll see.
Thanks for the updates porsche. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. I hope that are able to find the root of this soon!

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Hopefully they can figure it all out, good luck.
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