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So I got a badge for being “the first to complete a game on the site.” But it doesn’t tell me which game it was for. I noticed the badge after completing Murdered Sould Suspect for the 360 but when viewing the stats for that game, others have completed it, so that doesn’t make sense. Is there a way to see what game is attached to that particular badge?
Every game has a players tab that will give you the information about who completed it first.

It is possible that the site just glitched and awarded you the badge by accident. I have only 35 xbox challenges completed, but I was awarded 50 & 100 badges.
It could possibly be due to a game you've completed previously that wasn't added to the site. I got the First to complete badge recently after the Zazmo Arcade Pack had been added to the site, even though I had completed it weeks prior.

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