Is anyone good at photoshop or some kind of graphic design!

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Was worndering if anyone could make me a cool looking gamerpicture for Xbox one with my gamer tag CJ in it would be amazing!
My daughter loves doing graphic art. She's only 13 but I could ask her to try something. She prefers doing anime style but could try other styles. Any size restrictions? And preference on style and image? Your gamertag is "C J"?
That would be awesome! And yeah my gamertag is CJ. I just want it to be CJ with a lightsaber or with the Xbox logo or just surprise me it needs to be the size where it will fit well as my Xbox gamerpicture! Also thanks in advance
My daughter had a couple of choir shows this weekend, so I waited until yesterday evening to speak with her. She plans to start working on it tonight. She's excited to have a project to work on. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.
I completely understand and that’s awesome glad she’s excited about it

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