So what memes do we have in modern society?, This is NOT about 4chan memes and such

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This is about the serious kind of memes. Not lolcats,owls, mudkips, over 9000 etc.

Anyway by meme I mean this:

"an idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media)".

Possibly simalar to how it is used in Metal Gear Solid.

Anyway, what Memes do you feel are being spread in modern society? It can be hard to see them when your up close and living with them day to day, so that they start to seem normal.

Ones I've seen "Money is the most important thing" "The rich hording money will cause it to trickle down and help the poor"(does this EVER work?) "poor people are in genereal worse less and are there entirely because of thier own fault"(although I also see the reverse transmitted from other sources) and... I'm actually not sure what else.
I suppose theirs "be yourself", to the point where people seem to not quite be sure what it means, at least when "yourself" just wants to get out of there and speak to anyone (yeah I'm a bit of a recluse...)
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