Achievement Fest 2019 Dates?

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I have had a lot of people asking when Achievement Fest 2019 is occurring. Do we have anything set yet?

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July 18-22

Was just coming in to post, but got distracted by real life.
Adding nothing constructive to a thread near you

What exactly is the point of this thread?
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
Yep, so was I. I should have the links for registration ready in the next 7 days. I want to discuss a couple of things with Zack. It will impact how I do registration, and my schedule and Zack's have been a bit hectic, not much overlap.
Dang it! One of these years I really want to make it. Family trip to Disneyland and we come back that weekend. :-( AF is a bucket list item now!
Hey guys

I was looking for the thread i thought there was more discussion about this year. I was looking on airbnb and i was thinking about renting an entire house. Ill be arriving Wed night and leaving Tuesday morning. The first place im looking at would be $240 CAD each for bed.

Also ill be driving the man van (my minivan) so I could pick up 3 ppl from the airport so if your flying in let me know and see if i can tee up picking up a bunch of ppl
@Frawstfever I am also looking on airbnb and I would love to share a house. I am also flying in Wed night and flying out Tuesday Morning. So let me know if this is what you are saying by getting a house, or if you meant getting a house just for you or family?

Also let me know if I need to rent out a car, or if I can carpool with anybody for those days to the airport?

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