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Achievement Fest 2019 will be July 19-21 (18-22 for the extended passes) at eBash in Terre Haute, IN. Website is currently being updated to reflect minor changes, although, this year, seating and store layout will remain unchanged. Achievement Fest Junior will again be returning.

I ask that no one register just yet, as I am still making sure everything is setup properly. However, it should be ready to go this weekend, Monday at the latest. (Honestly, it is probably ready now, but, I feel like I missed/forgot something, and want a little soak time to see if I can remember/figure out what it might be.)
Need someone to look it over to see if everything is there?
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Registration is open. I think I have found all the issues I caused. Couple of typos here and there, and some bad mathing.
Ill be driving through Indy on Wed July 17th in the pm 7pm ish, Ive got 2-3 spots in my man van to pick up ppl (depending on equipment their bringing)

Also I dont think I want to lug all my games this year but if there is any game you would like me to bring I can do so.

I will not have my delisted console this year but i am bringing my Guitar Zero
We have 27 adults and 10 juniors scheduled to attend already, still waiting on a handful of regulars to get registered. I see 4 first years so far, too.
Should have 2 more new people signing up today, or already by the time of this post.
Should have 2 more new people signing up today, or already by the time of this post.
Originally Posted by Giant Hunger
I actually had THREE new attendees register. Will probably have to open up more seats, soon. However, 2 of the registrations did not give gamertags, so, I am trying to get those.

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