Michael Jackson is Dead

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Michael Jackson has died and it seems legit. Maybe he was struck by a smooth criminal?

Michael Jackson Dies | TMZ.com

..Too soon?
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i heard it was only a heart attack, they don't know that he died yet.

however, farrah fawcett died today.
Is your profile set to hidden on Facebook, Eric? The link your profile just redirects to Facebook.com :P

And yes! Shocking news! Big Grin
dunno how to feel about it. wasnt a fan to be honest.
England is my city
it's a sad thing

but he had a lot of health issues in the first place

and his life wasnt exactly good in the last years
I was actually considering buying a ticket. I'm sure glad I didn't now! :P
50 concerts???!!!!


i mean couldnt they see how bad he looked?

i was surprized to see he could dance in that rehersal 2 days before he died

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