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learn the guitar
take the ICDL
summer training
read a Huge number of books
maybe learn German.....but that's probably not gonna happen this summer....if i had time.....maybe
watch anime
play videogames
sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp LOL

what about u?
get my job back, tech out my room with a PC, internet connection and all that stuff, turn 21, find out my uni results and make sure I'm on track for final year.
England is my city
Well in my plans are: go to WOMAD festival, have many a fun time, Go to America to see my grandad and the rest of my family.

I also want to spend some time with my girlfriend, as I haven't had the chance to spend much time with her as we've both had alot of work...
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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That's awesome you're going to try and come to America, The Archanist. Hope that you can come on over. If you happen to come down to the Dallas area, let me know so we can grab a beer or two.

My summer plans include: Not die in the Texas heat.

No, but seriously my plans have not really been thought up. My plan is to get into school this summer and I've been fighting for that one since April so we'll have to see how that goes. Apart from that, I can only hope that this summer is better than last year's. Over these last couple months, things have been really looking up so I think that I'll be just fine. Smile That's all I plan on doing for the most part; surviving.
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Sorry Eric, I'm going to be in California for the whole two weeks that I'm going to be over there, no chance of me ever going near Dallas, unless I paid for a flight myself, which isn't going to happen considering the fact that I have no money...
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
Turn 22.

Go back to uni two months before english unis because swiss unis suck balls.

Chill fierce and do nothing but hang with my mates all July. Well... most of it. :P

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you forgot poland
England is my city
oh yeah... Poland.

Where I am now.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

what r u doing there?
Well my Summer just officially started.

My first college year is finally over (finally!) and I've allready gotten very, very drunk!

Although this summer isn't looking too great, the first day I have of my holiday and it's pissing it down! Thank christ for british summer weather!
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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Just ordered myself a shiny Xbox 360, so I'll be gaming this summer, on top of sitting in the garden and drinking beers. Should be a good one! Smile

what r u doing there?
Originally Posted by mumbo
My Girlfriend's polish. We met in school together. She's a great girl, and she's been living in the UK with me, so I though it was time I intruded upon her parent's hospitality.

And it was a great success. We don't even speak each other's languages, but I seem to have made an extremely positive impression.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

that was funny

i could imagine how it was like
Well I'm in America, spending alot of time with my relatives and on my DS, might finally finish the Phoenix Wright series (well the last trial on the last game... HARD HARD HARD).

Fortunately for me I brought my laptop, so I'll still be around.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
started to learn the Guitar

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