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The last book I read was called "Offworld" By Robin Parrish. This is a fantastic read, And a "Must" Read for any sc-fi fan. I picked it up because Robin is a christian author...A believer like myself. I'll be honest, Even though I am a christian, I still struggle to embrace the modern christian culture, Due to the fact that I feel whether its music, Books or games for that matter, Contemporary christianity is still finding its voice, In my opinion.
So I thought, This book might be bad...Then I started to read it. Excellent book! You actually would never have known this book was written by a christian, Aside from the fact that it is void of profanity. It is also still a fairly new book, So If your into some fresh sci-fi reading, Check this one out.:cowboy:
while i haven't been able to sit down and read through a proper book in some time, i have been reading a collection of Jack London's short stories on and off. he's an older American author, and the convincing pictures he is able to illustrate so efficiently in his work make him one of my favorites.
I'm currently reading through the Rigante series of books by David Gemmell.

Gemmell is quite possibly my favourite author of all time, or, at least in the Heroic Fantasy genre. I LOVE all of his work, and have read every book that he's ever written. David Gemmell is a master of Heroic Fantasy, and anyone interested in the genre already knows him, or has to pick up a copy of "Legend", the first novel he published.
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Hi !
The last book that I read was the autobiography of the famous French Chef, Jean X. The book was fascinating as it detailed his rise from nowhere to the top of his profession and it gave incredible details of the long hours he worked and the incredible pressure he put himself through and that no matter how difficult it got he always maintained the highest standards.....
The last book I read was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I don't think my manga books count because I don't remember which one I read last.
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Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy. I love books like that haha
The Name of the book that I read last time was "Clan of the Cave Bear" written by Jean M. Auel . which is very sad story of 5 years old girl named Ayla whose parents lost their lives in the earth quake .
Last one? B for Buster I think... about a kid in the RAF during WW2...
Current: since I don't really count school reading (although Odyssey is what I'm reading for school atm...), I am CURRENTLY reading Catch-22
At the min im reading 'An idiot abroad, the travel diaries of Karl Pilkington' , is really good and funny so far, i do have it on dvd also but had to get the book!.
I havn't read a single book in my entire fucking life.

Fuck books its 2011 baby, this aint a breakfest club. This is GAMERTAG NATION.
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yeah...whatever... 39th POST!
40th post right here bro congratulations! (5g) Nobody Cares Achievement unlocked!
Dude, Why are you taking this so personally? Okay, We all get it, Your a cool guy as long as your behind your laptop...Fuck off already...
Dude, Why are you taking this so personally? Okay, We all get it, Your a cool guy as long as your behind your laptop...Fuck off already...
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You mad bro? You seem like I offended you. Allow me to take a second to apologize.

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