Which words make you cringe when you read or hear them?

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Some of mine would be:
  • moist
  • slurp
  • dangling

Share yours. Smile
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Any use of the term "planking", because it really is something that is fairly retarded and not in anyway amusing.

Another thing (although slightly unrelated) are these facebook running jokes. They're really annoying, and not amusing, at all. They weren't funny when they started, and they definitely aren't funny the 1,000,000th time you've heard them.

Sorry, had to vent that, haven't ranted in a while.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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I was actually talking to my wife about this last time... Stick Out Tongue
  • Crusted
  • Pus*y
  • D*ck
  • Sloppy
Sorry about the two middle ones, those are just nasty words to use xD
Sauce. Eeeeaaaggghhhh...
People blowing there own trumpets and having nothing showing more.
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