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I don’t care if Progressive can save me money on my auto insurance, because I can’t even consider them due to that obnoxious Flo character in their commercials. I literally change the station every time she comes on.

Is there a commercial that you hate so much that won’t buy the product because of it?
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I hate most or all tv adverts, we get so many here in the UK, if theres a film on which is about an hour and a half well including adverts in between it takes like a couple of hours to watch the film!.
I hear ya. Watching a movie on TV is a pain over here in the states as well. Aside from the large amount of commercials, they also tend to cut parts of the movie out in order to meet their time slot. That really grinds my gears.
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It like that here also mate! and here they are terrible for cutting all the swearing and good parts out, at the end of the day why put a film on tv which is mainly for the older viewer at aroun 3pm in the afternoon when you have to cut all the good bits out!!!!!!!!!!!!, the only thing i mainly watch on tv now is CSI, Football and F1, i just watch my own dvds, tv just shit here!.

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