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I recently picked up AC: Revelations after playing AC3 and AC2 (in that order). It was on sale a few weeks ago for $10 on the Microsoft Store website. I'm not sure where I'll find the time to play it though.

I've heard that AC Brotherhood is worth picking up too. I might look for that on sale towards the end of the year.
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Payday 2 last Friday. Only copy sent that wasn't a reserved copy in the store.
picked up saints 4 paid off my preorders of gta 5 xbox 1 n ps4 also upgraded my tv from a 42in utra slim tv to a 55in vizio with built in wi-fi n blue ray n i also got a gears 3 tritan headset
CRYSIS 2 download off ebay for £2.69 with free postage. Downloading my bargain right now
Payday 2 had this reserved for months and haven't really had a chance to play it yet.
a set of 16in perelli tires for my wifes new car n a 4000 point card today

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