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As the title says, post your last purchase. It can be even a very small thing like a pack of cigarettes.

This is mine: purchase
l had to pickup a new graphics card since my last one finally ate the dust. Still surprised it made it 6 years. Now I can use more than one monitor again. Big Grin
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Honestly I don't buy games any more,people let me borrow their games they don't play.
Pool nation is a really good billard simulation, i don't regret buying it.
Dishonored and a new wired controller. I've been needing a new controller for ages. Feels so good playing on one that doesn't require you to punch the left analogue stick to sprint...
I just bought 4 controller analog thumbsticks, because the left stick of my wired controller is broken and I don't want to use glue. Still waiting for them, meanwhile I'm using the wireless controller.
Happy no matter what!!
Just picked up Rainbow Six Vegas again for $4.99 on Xbox Marketplace.
I recently grabbed Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2 Season Pass. Now, if only I could get over this nasty cold to play them.
Games wise, Forza Horizon/Assassin's Creed III.

In general, Subway for off-campus lunch today.
In general a Mtn Dew

gamewise-- Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter 2 and Sonic the Fighters also Yoostar 2.
all 3 games recommended for achievement hunters 3 super easy 400 GS each.

did rent tomb raider already at 49 of 50 achievement be taking forever to get the shopaholic achievement
Metal Gear Rising Smileand 1600 ms points and a pizza.
Microsoft points so I can download some more pinball fx 2 tables
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Was at gamestop got a used copy of Tropico 3 and put a $100 down to preorder my XONE.
Traded in about $220 worth of games at GameStop since they're doing a 50% extra trade-in credit thing. Decided to finish paying off GTA V, and picked up Metro: Last Light. The rest I'm saving for a rainy day.
For $1.99 at good will i found a copy of TOMBA! for PS1 witch is a very good find since i have seen videogame stores selling this game for $70+

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