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i got it on ps3
England is my city
i got it on ps3
Originally Posted by Blank Planet
Well that's your problem isn't it?

You also know that the PS3 is getting the extended game DLC later than the 360.

That's what you get.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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yeah but the DLC has been pushed back overall so i cont really care. plus all my friends that have it got it on ps3 a s well. so we all do MP anyway.
England is my city
You mean Mole, or did Pandy pull his head out of his ass and get a PS3 finally? He could have got one anytime, really...

I hope I can get a wireless network up and running in my house.... Then I'd love to join you guys online! Dunno which version of GTA I'll get, really... I DO plan on getting my PS3 first, as if I don't own MGS4 sometime soon, I may start showing withdrawal symptoms...

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well me, visser, andreas and chris have it
England is my city

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