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Grand Theft Auto IV

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It's been awhile since I've put GTA IV in my Xbox 360 but I may get back into it with the emergence of the first DLC pack, The Lost and Damned. Just today, Microsoft announced that GTA IV and The Lost and Damned will include free online gameplay for those of you without Xbox Live Gold. (Source) So, they're definitely giving you a good reason for playing the addictive online game modes.

So who's with me? Are you planning on purchasing the GTA IV DLC pack or are you sitting this one out?
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It sounds like a good pack, this DLC, but for now, I don't have LIVE, so I can't get it anyway.

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I'm not sure yet... However, I'm thinking I might skip it. To be honest I wasn't super impressed. It was ok but I thought Saints Row was better overall.
i'm skipping, not worth the money and GTA4 stopped being fun after completion, the online would have been fun if it wasn't so laggy. Unless they bring in new islands, weapons then it's a pass.
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Its been getting popular feedback. did a review and seemed to praise it. only real complaint was that the graphics that looked so good a year ago arent so sharp now but it really doesnt matter. the game could almost be a seperate edition according to them. The game has been styled for the new character, new cars, weapons and music. So maybe ill eventually check it out...but not for now.
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