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Just bought Gta V and after downloading the whole game and the 4 updates of 2gb each im finally ready to play lol still getting used to all the controls and new options haven't played a gta game for a while.
Now to get to the point im just looking for some players to blow SH*T up with and just a general laugh, ideally id like to join a clan or even make a new one with other players.

message me if you want an extra buddy in your clan.

if players want to make a clan with me here are some rules.
- Players must have a mic
- Be over 16
- Have respect for other players
- And above all be FUN!!

message me here if your interested in either options, or add me and send me a message on xbox @ xXChaoticMothXx
Hey I'm interested. I have that game I just don't like getting on line without friends, so if you'll have me, count me in.
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We got a pretty big crew on GTA V in Revolution of Gaming. Search for the Revolution of Gaming - RoG crew and join, its open. Wink
well im in a temporary crew atm the sons of anarchy los santos, but the crew members are hardly loyal and barely any of them are online apparently, so me and a friend from the same crew were gonna make one, start small at least it means we can control what we do.

we wanna make a biker crew hence we joined the sons of anarchy, so we were either going to make a new charter or completely different biker crew, its so awesome that you can get a number of people on choppers all with leather jackets with crew symbols on their backs and ride in formation, blowing off the heads of any who oppose us with shotguns! whats cooler than that?
Well you can join like up to 5 crews at a time, so if you want to join RoG your free to do so. Wink

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