GTA Online High Life Week Doubles Up on RP and GTA$

Grand Theft Auto V

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There's more Double RP and GTA$ on offer in Grand Theft Auto Online this week on new Inch By Inch Adversary Mode maps, which includes fighting among the muck and hay bales in Inch By Inch III on the Grapeseed Cow Farm map. Or there's Inch By Inch IV, with low flying bag carriers in your end zone's airspace at LSIA.

As well as Double GTA$ & RP on the new Inch By Inch maps from today and all this week, there's also a range of bonuses and discounts to enjoy from today until Tuesday 28th April as part of High Life Week, with discounts on yachts and yacht customisation.

There's even 25% off stilt houses and penthouses, and half price weapons and select clothing. Get the full rundown of what High Life Week will be bringing to GTA Online from today and for the ensuing week ahead until 28th April, below.

20% OFF ALL YACHTS & 25% OFF YACHT CUSTOMIZATION - Huge week-long discounts from Docktease on Yachts and Yacht customization options. Whether you wish to expand your fleet with the mighty Aquarius, or purchase the more modest Orion and finally join the upper crust of Los Santos high society cruising the glittering seas around Southern San Andreas. The luxury of these towering status symbols feel just as good as they look, and open up opportunities to play the Piracy Prevention VIP Work, or simply take in the ocean blue from the hot tub.

25% OFF STILT HOUSES & PENTHOUSES - It’s a buyer's market this week for the Los Santos real estate industry, with the most exclusive cribs available at 25% off for a limited time only. All Stilt Houses & Penthouses released with Executives & Other Criminals are discounted, as well as every single Garage property in Los Santos County & Blaine County.

50% OFF SELECT CLOTHING - 50% off select clothing in GTA Online, including all of the beautifully made Suits, Jackets, Pants and Shoes from the High Life Update, a range of accessories like chains and cuffs, in fact everything you need to dress for success. Head on over to Ponsonbys, Binco or Suburban and let the world know you mean business.

DOUBLE RP OPPORTUNITIES ALL WEEK - In addition to the Double GTA$ & RP Playlist available today through Sunday, you'll also be able to play a rotating Double RP Playlist later in the week. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for reminders of the full schedule, as listed below:

Friday April 22nd through Sunday April 24h - Inch by Inch
Monday April 25th through Tuesday April 26th - Races
Wednesday April 27th through Thursday April 28th - Team Deathmatches
Not only that but you can also earn Double RP playing any of the VIP Work or VIP Challenges with your organization as well as the slew of Contact Missions that were released as part of the High Life Update.
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They sure are pumping content out for GTA Online.

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