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Guitar Hero: World Tour

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For those of you who have played GH: World Tour, answer this question: Would you recommend this game over Rock Band 2? I bought Rock Band 2 awhile back and I've always been curious what the other side of the fence looks like. So let me know gamers, how does this game stack up to the Rock Band series?
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I played GH:WT like a month ago because a friend of mine got a pre-release copy from his work.

I wasn't that impressed with it, the guitar bits where just as over-charted as well as the fucking impossible to hit purple note thingies that you don't ever have to strum with but tapping them requires you to hit them like you would the hammer-ons from RB but with BETTER TIMING believe it or not.

And also there's fret-less notes on bass, where you just strum without pressing down on any of the fret buttons, which is hella-retarded for me as it defeats the purpose of the game.

And finally the drums, I have only played it on my RB1 drum kit and wasn't impressed at all. The purple bass notes are incredibly hard to see at times, and at least Harmonix know what scaling down a chart so that it is actually reasonable is, the charts on GH:WT my be more accurate, but you shouldn't expect people who just play the game for fun to be able to do some of the stuff it asks for. Also the timing window on drums is FUCKING RETARDED, you have like a second to be able to hit each note and I found that I was hitting notes that where already at the bottom of the board, nearly going off screen. I've also heard that the kit is incredibly awkward to use and alot of people are having problems with there kits breaking, something that Activision promised wouldn't happen so that they'd be "better" than the Rock Band kit. Also the hit register thing that registers how hard you hit is retarded, as it encourages morons to hit they're kits harder, and thus break them quicker. Also, releasing Star Power on drums requires you to hit both of the cymbals on the GH kit (the middle two pads on the RB kit) and this is really off putting when you're in the middle of a beat and you need to move both sticks to completely different places to activate Star Power, Rock Band's Fill system works a lot better.

I'll be getting an Ion Drum Rocker when RB2 comes out in England, which is a lot more reliable then the GH kit, and also comes with cymbals for the yellow, blue and green pads, so you have more variety in fills.
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