Please Add me in Gun Bros...

Gun Bros.

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I don't know, how to add friends in Gun Bros game..
So please, someone add me please..
Or give me a solution, How to do that??

My gamertag is MASUM56K..
I've never played this game but here is some info I found for you. Hope it helps you.

If you are lucky and your friends list loads, recruit friends, or Bros, in the Bros - Bro Buffs menu. Bro Buffs aid in increasing your stats, coins and XP when you play. The more Bros you have on your friends list, the better. Your friend will be much better than the AI bro and will probably have better fire power and armor.
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The players on your friends list needs to play as well. I have the game not played it in ages however but I do have it.

You can select someone from your friends list to fight along side of you however they are still controlled by the AI.
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For assistance please Contact Me.

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Add me and I'll help. I need to finish this damn game.

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