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during the time i had halo3 i never got round to trying the online modes. with new DLC and stuff is it worth picking up and giving it a go? I play COD4 a lot so would i find Halo boring in comparison?
I heard the Online play for Halo 3 was impressive... However, I AM worried about the player base being comprised of very young people who shout things like PWND and ZOMG into the headsets. Or they just Camp and think they're good because of it....

I dunno... if you had a... clan you played in regularly, with people you knew were decent gamer who don't scream KRRRRRAAAAAW every two shots, then it's probably VERY good.

However, COD is a fast paced War game. So you may not find it as... rewarding in terms of the rush you get, Billy...

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well i never use the headset so i wouldnt find it a prob. i only used it on vegas which is lets just say more serious than dressing up as a bright red flag stealing cyborg. i saw it for £25 though...
It's your decision... What are your thoughts based on your normal MP experience... it wasn't bad, was it? With more people, it's bound to be great.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
it was fun, and they supposedly patched the absurd melee that helped turn me off to the mp so quickly. the first map pack is also available for free now, so it may be worth another visit.
might wait a bit more just got the new warhawk expansion so might give that a go plus the beta for metal gear onlne is live tomorrow. plus theres gta4 in just over a week. if i got halo now i feel that it would probably get blacked out by newer games. might try during the summer.
yep, u would find halo boring just like me!!!!

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