Halo 3 ODST Legendary & Firefight

Halo 3: ODST

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I'm looking for 3 people to complete both Legendary and the Firefight achievements.

Let me know.
i wasn't really going to get this, but i may play at some point. i'll definitely help if you still need them later
Im down for Legendary or FF
I completed the campaign on Legendary last night, so I'm only really looking for the Vidmaster and Firefight achievements now before I can 100% complete it. Just a shame you have to rely on finding skilled people. :P
Add my gamertag Destrego i'll help
i need people to help my get the rest of my achievements for odst
if you want to play send me a message on live and ill play
you guys ought to add your gamertags to your account to make it easier to connect
Hey now if you are still looking for people, hit me up. I am always on Around 3:00pm. My Status is offline normally that way as not to be distracted to get them vid master headaches out of the way.

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Recon is Bungie's version of Delicious Cake....and Endure is a trap....a horrible, nightmarish trap!!

But I'd love to help =]

GT is ChaosDice
Let the Chaos begin...

Such A F*cking Lady & A Pretty Hate Machine
| Something wicked this way comes... |
I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to destroy it...

...Because everyone needs a little Chaos in their life.
Hey I only need to get Vidmaster: Endure (The FF achievement) to get the recon armor. Add me if you guys are up for it. I can usually play in the afternoons. Its gonna be on Heroic, so it would help alot if you are good, have a decent connection, and a mic. Its gonna be 2 hours of our lives.

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