Halo 3 Servers Shutting Down

Halo 3

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So apparently the Halo 3 game servers are going offline for good on November 6, 2012. Whether it's because not many people play it anymore or the fact that people are modding the game, see here. You can still vote to save the servers....probably not, but hey it's a good try.

What's your take on this? Would you be mad if the Halo 3 servers went offline and never came back on? Let us know below.
Its got to be because of all these bloody modders!, you know what i have been a gold member for years but i hardly ever play fps on multiplayer because of all these twats!, really does angers me!
Surprised Halo3 IS dead since Halo2 multiplayer lasted to the last sec that the origginal Xbox was Live.

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