Private Messaging

Help: Account Settings

What are private messages?

Private messages are messages sent from one Gamertag Nation member to another. When you receive a private message, we save it in your private messaging inbox, accessible by clicking on the mail icon next to your username at the top of the each page.

Private messaging enables other members to easily and discreetly contact you from the site. For some, this can provide a quick and easy alternative to email messaging.

You can receive an email notification when someone sends you a private message. You can configure this from the Edit Profile > Notifications page.

How do I disable private messaging?

Gamertag Nation allows users to customize many aspects of their experience here. One of the most popular features offered here is Private Messaging. This enables users to privately message each other without the interference of moderation and rules applied within the rest of the community or public messages.

Some users, however, prefer to disable the private messaging feature for their own sake. As a user at Gamertag Nation, you can enable or disable the private messaging system from the Edit Profile > Options page.

Disabling private messaging prevents other users from sending you private messages. When disabled, you will be unable to send private messages to other users as well.