Cheater Policy

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We here at Gamertag Nation value the integrity of our leaderboards and site-wide tracking systems, which is why we have implemented a policy to combat widespread cheating and preserve the legitimacy of our site rankings.

By registering your Gamertag to Gamertag Nation, you are agreeing to comply with the terms below in regards to how we define cheating and the penalties set forth by Gamertag Nation in response to infractions.

General Rules & Guidelines

An outline of what is and is not allowed, including real-world examples of each, are included below:

  1. Windows 10 and Play Anywhere games which allow the usage of mods are explicitly ALLOWED. This includes games with unlock all achievements mods, such as Surviving Mars, Pathologic 2, Starbound, and Mount & Blade.
  2. Games with console commands (provided they are enabled in-game without any prior modifications) are explicitly ALLOWED. Examples of which are Fallout 3 (PC), Fallout 4 (PC), and ARK: Survival Evolved.
  3. Any hardware device or program used to make repeated inputs without interference from a human is explicitly ALLOWED. Examples of which are CronusMax devices, AutoHotKey, and TinyTask programs.
  4. Modification of in-game files for the purpose of unlocking achievements or editing values will be reviewed on a CASE-BY-CASE BASIS. Changing a .dll file in order to unlock all achievements instantaneously [see: Fuel (PC), Art of Rally] is NOT allowed. However, modifying files in order to fix unobtainable achievements by making them obtainable through normal means in-game is ALLOWED [see: Bioshock 2 (PC), Contract Killer].
  5. The use of third-party external software in order to aid the unlocking of achievements will be reviewed on a CASE-BY-CASE BASIS. Allowed examples include using a program in order to enable split-screen multiplayer matches on Halo 2 (PC), as well as using a trainer program in Lost Planet 2 (PC) to obtain the otherwise impossible NUMBER 1 Nom de Guerre.
  6. SPG's (Second Profile Glitching) which is the process of using an account which has already obtained achievements in certain applicable games to "transfer" the achievements to another account which has not fulfilled the requirements will be reviewed on a CASE-BY-CASE BASIS.
  7. The use of third party software to modify your gamertag or Xbox Live servers in order to show achievements as unlocked despite not completing the requirements is explicitly NOT allowed.

Penalties for Cheating

Accounts found to be in violation of the cheater policy will have aspects of their site usage limited. Tracking across all main site leaderboards and individual game completions will be inactive; meaning their account will no longer appear or be tracked in these areas. However, they will retain full statistics tracking and others viewing their profile will see all games and achievements tracked on their account.

Cheaters will be able to be tracked on custom leaderboards, but only if the leaderboard creator chooses to include members that have cheated. They will also be synced to the site less frequently and excluded from earning badges related to their gamertag activity.