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I played this game daily when it came out until it froze and was unplayable. I was at level 46 and had only 2 achievements left "The bigger they are" and the level 50 achievement.

I recently bought a new phone and I want to give it another shot, starting from scratch. I noticed in-game that my achievements did not synchronized with those I already had unlocked. Each time I was suppose to unlock an achievement, the in-game message appeared and it light up in the achievement screen in-game.

Now I got finally to the point where I unlocked the achievement "The bigger they are", it gave the in-game message and the green achievement pop. Now the problem is that this achievement does not want to synchronize with my Xbox profile.

Any ideas how to get it on my profile? I do not want to waste my time leveling up to level 50 if everything is for nothing...

I did not use the time glitch ever.
I "lost" all my stuff like that as well. What I did, was just use your old phone after you upgrade as your device. Then manually change the date, load the game, do your stuff, and switch back to the date, push forward another day, do your stuff, etc. You will catch up very quickly like this. I'd start about a year ago, and make sure your phone doesn't autofix the time. Once you've played a single day forward, you can never go back and have it work correctly because the game knows you did something in the 'future'.

Good luck, this game sucked ass. Gameloft is a shitty horrible developer.
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