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Hey, everyone. Saw that one of my friends, pTartTX, signed up over here so I figured I may as well too since I'm a member of almost every other achievement site out there. So far I like the look of this place, but usually I don't spend a lot of time on that many sites. I primarily post in the Achievement Hounds forums and on friends feeds on TA. I rarely visit 360v, x360a, or XBOX America anymore other than for specific features such as news, challenges, or whatever is lacking at TA or AH. I see some familiar faces, so maybe I'll spend a little more time here than I predict.
Glad to have you on board. We're a much smaller operation than TrueAchievements and Achievement Hounds, but I hope we can provide you with a similar if not better experience while you're here. If there's something you would like for us to add to the site, feel free to submit them in the Feature Requests forum. This site is shaped by everyone's input.

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