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Hi, my name is Jeff and most know me by B8TINGU. I'll skip the usual banter of I love video games and boosting...yada, yada, yada, I mean why else would we be here right?

what you don't know is that I'm one of those rare people that owns every single game that is on my profile. I won't rent ever, well not ever, its a rarity, like a friend may have a game I do not own and wants me to check it out, but if I get an achievement in it I'll be picking it up sooner than later. My quest, to own every single (retail version) of every Xbox, 360 and ONE game....it may take a few years but I'm on the right path.

The thing about it is I hardly ever pay full retail. Matter of fact I've only ever played more than $20 a game and before you ask yes, the majority of my collection is used, but I do pick up new games too and...I'm proud to say ALL of my games are in there original box with original art and books. Ask me I have photographs....lol... The thing about my collection is that I don't really get into limited editions or collectors editions, but I do own a few.

I wrap this up by simply saying, if you want play/boost or whatever send me a message sometime and I'm sure we can work something out. You can also find me all over the web, like many of us here I belong to a lot of other sites. Some places I hang out more than others, so lets see how it goes here and maybe I'll be sticking around, but so far I like what see.

Thanks for reading...
Now THAT'S an introduction. Welcome to GTN, B8TINGU. We're glad you joined!
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we have several mutual friends and I know we have been in a handful of TA sessions together, but welcome to GTN.
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Thanks for the invitation to what seems to be a warm community... I actually started in a few sites betas (is that how you say that?) and some of those sites went on to grow very strong and popular, others seem to just grow stagnant and one completely revamp mid way thru and it just wasn't ever the same. So please no major remodeling too soon!! Lol.
I know I am friends with you on a couple of other sites (I think I first met you in a challenge on 360v?), but I imagine I will be getting most games on the one, so let me know if you want to work together on boosting any of them!
Awesome dude.. welcome to GTN.. Jef aka B8TINGU.. I am sure you will enrich our expirence here on GTN like you did on other sites before..

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