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What's up? I saw a link to this when I decided to go back and check out FFR to see how it's doing.

It's been a while again Eric, I went back to AO a few times lately and noticed no progress so I figured you had a new project. :P I'm a big 360 player so this is right down my alley!

It's afterfl0w/jly2klee if you're wondering, I'll be sticking around here.
Welcome to GTN, man. It's been awhile but I am glad you were able to find this place. Good to see another 360 player around these parts, too. I think you'll be able to fit in just fine. Let me know if you need anything or have any issues around the website.

And most of all, have fun! Big Grin
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Thanks for the warm welcomes, I'll be sure to stick around. This site may bring out the slight achievement whore in me.
Afterflow! haha! It's been years! How are you doing? Glad to see you found GTN. Quite a few people from our FFR days ('02) are here, so sit back and have a blast!

Drop me a line sometime and give me the rundown, I haven't seen you in forever!

EDIT: You are officially rated, as COD4 is badass.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
Sup man! Glad to see you found us. Hopefully, we'll be able to make GTN what FFR was before it got into Michael's hands.....

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