Hey to each and all here at...


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Hey too each and all here at GTN, I trust each off you are all in great health and equally in fine spirits.

Just a quick message to say...

"Hello fellow gamers"

Here's a little bio...

Married, five grown up kids, three grand kids (one on the way around Christmas 27th) defo looking forward to it, would be a great day for all concerned.

Enjoy playing the following games

[1] Payday 2
[2] Army of Two -TDC
[3] Army of Two -TFD
[4] SC: Blacklist
[5] Mass Effect 3 - to name but a few.

[Location] Belfast/Ireland
[Time Zone] GMT
[Online] Mainly around midnight until about 03.00, this is the best time to enjoy my gaming due too a busy day, feel free to shoot me a FR or if you need a co-op buddy to either help you get a few achievements or for some relaxed fun, I play games to relaxe and do not normally take them to seriously unless the need arise.

That's what I like to see. Not even verified yet and active on the forums and he's even signed up for the competition too. Welcome to GTN Homie. Make yourself at home.
GTN Xbox One 30 Day Launch competition SIGN UP & LEADERBOARD

Achievement Competition SIGN UP& LEADERBOARD

Monthly Challenge CHALLENGE SIGN UP

With five grown kids and grand kids I hope you qualify for my 40+ leaderboard!

It's for us older folk.

I'll shamelessly help out Porshe's leaderboard too - Gamerdads (why he made it just windows phone games played I do not know (probably so he could be #1).
Thanks folks for the warm welcome, I truly appreciate it.

@ CHAOTIKILLA - There's no time like the "here and now" buddy to get my feet wet... just jump in at the deep end Wink There's nothing like some friendly compos with fellow gamers', it puts the edge back in to gaming plus, it's much more fun imo.

@ ROCE96 - Thanks bro for the warm welcome also, nice to meet you also Wink

@ KAENS - Yeah the squad is all grown up with kids off there own (sigh) now it's time too get back too my youth (cough) as for joining your leaderboard... well... ok will I'll jump on-board for some fun... ohh does a (large cough) 50 years young gamer qualify Wink


Just joined your leaderboard KAENS, I gotta say buddy, my back is gonna be sore carrying you guys/gurls lol.

Looking forward to having a few games with my fellow members and staff Wink
Hehe, I don't think there is a 50+ leaderboard yet, so go create one! (there might be a badge involved) When I hit 50 I promise to reciprocate and join yours Wink
Welcome aboard sir, nice to know people from all walks of life and country and better that they are just as in good spirits!! Always welcome the parenting type too they seem to be a little more down to earth...but there are the exception's...lol.

I would defiantly love some help in Blacklist or Payday seeing as I haven't played much of either. Who knows maybe we'll get to game together.

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