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I'm a LONG time gamer from the Pong era like a lot of you. I just found out about this site. I usually hang around 360v and TA. I must say I like what I see here and it's also nice to see so many familiar names. Don't know what all to say so there ya go Smile
YES! More old people like me. Welcome to GTN, and I see you already joined my leaderboard for us old folks so no need to point you there.
Welcome. Always glad to see a new face.
Hey I was wondering if you would ever show up here...glad to see you made it! I need to spam my friends list to get them all over here, lol..
Life goal own all retail X-Box games. My collection: X-Box: 535, X-Box 360: 1204, One: 178
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Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm really enjoying the site. It's nice to see you guys here Porchephiliac , MarvzMitts and B8TINGU. Btw, I think you should spam your friends and get them all over here, we could use the rest of the TA and 3v folks here to keep it nice and crazy.

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